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Two things.  First, Sailors for the Sea awarded us Gold for all of the One Design and Dry Sailed regattas this past Saturday.  This was made possible by your generosity in providing paint to NCS [Nantucket Community Sailing] for all their support Boats and their J 105s etc, and by Nantucket Yacht Club’s initiative to paint their large signal boat and various support boats with your products.  Great news for NRW [Nantucket Race Week] and for EPaint.

Second, I’ve been painting bottoms of my boats since 1956 and have used all sorts of products from the old Woolsey hard racing finish of the ’60s to the Pettit products of the last decade.  I can tell you categorically that the ZO-HP grey I put on this June (three thin coats, rolled on) is by far the best I’ve ever used for hardness and antifouling effectiveness.  In all prior years I would have, by this point in the season, hand cleaned the bottom at least twice and often three times for light slime build up, and some more significant fouling on the sunny side of the mooring.  Have not touched it yet and see no evidence of any need to.  BTW the light grey color is terrific in telling me how clean it is.

Racing record thus far is my best in years.

Thanks to you and your team for your support and your product.


Orr’s Island, ME  04066