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Paint Launches Bio-based Solution to Bio-fouling Problem

By March 22, 2017November 20th, 2017News

ePaint Company (Falmouth, MA) announces the release of new and improved ECOMINDER®, waterborne antifouling paint.

ePaint Company was founded in 1991 to develop protective coatings that are safer to use and better for the environment.  ePaint Company markets novel coating technologies to the marine, industrial, and aerospace industries.   ePaint Company specializes in the development of antifouling coatings which prevent biofouling.

Biofouling organisms such as algae, grass, zebra mussels, barnacles, and the like, rapidly colonize boat bottoms.  Growth of biofouling is visible on a boat after only a few days in the water.   Growth adds weight and creates drag.  The result of biofouling is decreased speed, increased fuel costs, and a smelly unsightly mess that is difficult to remove.

ePaint partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture to develop a novel soy-based polymer  that uses energy from the sun to release biofouling.   Biofouling release, by creating a slippery or self-polishing surface, is a non-toxic way of keeping boat bottoms clean without the use of heavy metals such as copper, the heavy metal used in traditional bottom paints.  The novel polymer technology developed by ePaint that makes new and improved ECOMINDER® possible is called PolyCleave™.

PolyCleave™ is 70% bio-based, a biopolymer.  Biopolymers are sustainable because they are sourced from plant materials which can be grown indefinitely.   The ePaint polymer is made with soy-based ingredients that come from the Heartland of America.   Advantages of this polymer are improved biofouling release, increased service life, and better adhesion to metal, plastic and composite substrates.

New and improved ECOMINDER® is an advanced antifouling paint recommended for all recreational sail and powerboats in both freshwater and marine environments. ECOMINDER® is free of harmful volatile organic solvents and toxicants that persist in our environment.   ECOMINDER® is copper-free and will not promote corrosion on metal surfaces.  Boats with ECOMINDER® may be hauled and launched out of the water and the unlimited dry to launch time also allows for painting in the fall before winter storage. ECOMINDER® is designed to control slime, algae, bacteria and features ePaint’s patented photoactive technology to deter the settling and attachment of hard shell type organisms.

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