EP-21 Release Coating


  • Non-toxic release coating
  • Recommended budget buy
  • Perfect for small, slow moving boats
  • Soft ablative foul-release coating
  • Easy to apply & compatible over most popular antifouling paints

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  • * ePaint Company recommends three full coats plus two additional coats at the waterline.
    This calculation is an estimate based only on overall length and beam of your boat; the actual amount of surface area may be slightly different depending on unforeseen factors such as hull design, loss of product during the application, etc.
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  • Biocide free, photo-active release coating
  • Releases biofouling by slowly eroding like a bar of soap
  • Single season protection on boats that move; multi-season protection is possible if boat is seldom used
  • Applies just like traditional paints
  • Multiple coats may be applied in the same day
  • Is not considered an antifouling coating; some maintenance scrubbing may be required to keep bottom free of growth

ePaint EP-21 coating technology was developed, uses materials from, and is proudly manufactured in the USA. Please contact at for more information on ePaint EP-21 or other ePaint products.

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Quart, Gallon

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White, Gray


  • Practical Sailor magazine rates “Excellent” after 6 months; “Good” after 12 months in Florida waters
  • Soft ablative formula wears over time releasing bio-fouling and preventing paint build up
  • For use on fiberglass, aluminum, wood, outboards, outdrives, and trim tabs
  • Fast drying formula, multiple coats per day possible
  • No maximum dry-to-launch times
  • Safe to haul in and out of the water
  • Compatible with most epoxy-type primers and popular traditional antifouling paints


  • Coverage rate: 310 ft/gal; 78-80 ft2 /qt
  • Available colors: White, Gray
  • Packaging: Quart, Gallon, and Five Gallon
  • Thinner: ePaint EP-13 thinner
  • Application: Traditional methods – roll (1/4” nap or foam), brush, or spray (HVLP) ? Finish: Eggshell-like finish
  • Recommended number of coats: 2 or 3 full coats with 2 extra coats at the waterline and leading edges.
  • Compatibility: Fiberglass, aluminum, wood, outboards, outdrives, trim tabs, epoxy type primers, and most popular traditional bottom paints.
  • Safe for aluminum and metal; prime bare metal first with ePaint EP-Prime 1000

For complete application procedures and requirements see the Tech Data Sheet tab.


  • Do not apply EP-21 on unpainted metal surfaces; for bare metal, first coat with EP-Prime 1000 corrosion inhibiting primer.
  • Due to the soft ablativeness of EP-21, applying the recommended number of coats is strongly recommended for maximum service life
  • For easier application at cool or warm temperatures, or for spray application, reduce with E-Paint EP-13 thinner
  • EP-21 does not contain a pesticide and it is not considered an antifouling coating; typically boat movement provides enough force to knock growth away from hull. Depending on boat usage and environment, maintenance scrubbing may be required to keep hull clean but growth is readily removed as long as paint is on the hull
  • Take care when cleaning EP-21 surface via power washing at end of season; too forceful spray technique will remove good paint
  • EP-21 is a very soft ablative and should be removed before re-coating with a different paint system; EP-21 is readily removed by power washing or sanding

Tech Data Sheet

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