EP-PRIME 1000 Epoxy Primer

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  • Multi-purpose epoxy primer
  • EXCELLENT corrosion protection
  • Tie-coat for Ultimate Adhesion of bottom paint to gel coats
  • Reduces water migration


  • * ePaint Company recommends three full coats plus two additional coats at the waterline.
    This calculation is an estimate based only on overall length and beam of your boat; the actual amount of surface area may be slightly different depending on unforeseen factors such as hull design, loss of product during the application, etc.
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  • Two part epoxy primer
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Corrosion protection for metal surfaces
  • Improves adhesion of any ePaint bottom paint to all hull types
  • Minimizes water absorption; is excellent choice for osmotic blister prevention on fiberglass hulls

ePaint EP-Prime 1000 coating technology was developed, uses materials from, and is proudly manufactured in the USA. Please contact at for more information on ePaint EP-Prime 1000 or other ePaint products.

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Oxide Red, White, Gray


  • Lowers the cost of metal surface preparation; self-priming on metal, no other chemical treatments required
  • High build epoxy and low VOC
  • Easy to apply by roll or spray
  • Surface tolerant
  • Cures at low temperatures


  • Coverage rate:
    • Tie coat – 310 ft/gal at 3.5 mils dry per coat
    • Metal and barrier protection – 240 ft2 /gal ? Available colors: White, Haze Gray and Oxide Red
  • Packaging: Two component gallon kits
  • Thinner: EP-10
  • Application: Traditional methods – roll (1/4” to ½”nap or foam), brush, or airless spray
  • Finish: Semi-gloss
  • Recommended number of coats:
    • Tie coat – one coat
    • Metal – two coats
    • Barrier protection – three coats
  • Safe for aluminum, fiberglass, hull types
  • Not recommended for application over existing antifouling or foul-release coatings, remove first

For complete application procedures and requirements see the Tech Data Sheet tab.

Tech Data Sheet

Download Tech Data Sheet link


Download Safety Data Sheet – Grey 

Download Safety Data Sheet – Cure