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This Product is a Saltwater Boaters Dream!

By Testimonials

After 40 years of salt water boat ownership, I have finally found the cure, for the most part, for the dreaded spring prep work before the launch ie: annual bottom painting (Ugh!).
In 2013 when I pulled my Mako 264 center console out of the Eel River in East Falmouth MA, the bottom paint had peeled off in sheets (multiple coatings). Now I really dreaded the springtime (in October!).

I had the entire bottom bead blasted clean, sanded the areas where multiple layers of barnacles had grown. I bought ePaint’s primer epoxy and applied 2 coats. Then applied 2 coats of ZO Antifouling bottom paint. The bottom of the boat looked newer than the topsides!

Four years (seasons) later and in dark briny warm Eel River, I have but a few barnacles this season (only) and only around the bronze thru hulls, trim tabs and outboards. Previously I had used Petitt’s best ablative, every season, and the bottom would be gross.

After 4 years of use after only having to paint it the 1st year, I saved enough money to buy a new aluminum tandem axle trailer for my Mako! (for the past 15+ years I have always paid people to do the annual bottom painting! And always well over $1,000 per year . . .) All I need is enough of your paint to touch up the waterline so I look good trailering over to Sandwich Harbor. Your paint is the only paint I will ever use again.

Captain Mike Buck

Effective AND Fantastic!

By Testimonials

The Valkyrie is a well-recognized Sport yacht in Southern California. Captain Tom and Anita Petersen are well known around the marine world in yacht sales, training, charters and just having fun on the water. Tom has been the Commodore of 2 Yacht Clubs and has planned and initiated hundreds of outings for boaters.

About 5 years ago there was a very real push to rid the use of copper based bottom paint in Channel Islands Harbor (as well as California). While the issue was being discussed, the Valkyrie (a 60ft Sport yacht) was coming up for needing bottom paint. Tom decided to consider a non-copper based paint, but also knew that without much data, this was a gamble. The concern was:

  1. Would the paint do what it is supposed to do, and
  2. Would it last? Valkyrie regularly travels at 30kts which could peel off cheap ablative paint quickly, especially since Valkyrie is run several times a week.

Doing some research, we found that EPaint had a non-copper paint that was used by coast guard fast boats. Ventura Harbor Boatyard arranged for Valkyrie to be painted with SN-1 HP. That process was late Summer of 2012. Bottom cleaning has been performed every 2 months which is less than recommended (ideally monthly in the Summer). Late Fall of 2015, the bottom cleaning service (Green Clean Dive Service in Channel Islands Harbor) announced that on a scale of 1-10, the bottom paint was still effective at around 6 and that sometime soon we should start planning to repaint. March 2016, now 3.5 years after first applying the Epaint, we are finally planning to haul Valkyrie out for a repaint.

Copper Paint is still allowed, but continues to be discussed in regards to banning its use.

3.5 years for ANY paint to be effective is fantastic! This is a testament to great quality paint and regardless if copper paint is still available, a non-copper paint alternative for roughly the same price, is a no-brainer!

Captain Tom Petersen

STILL Without Barnacles

By Testimonials

My aluminum 24ft Crew Boat is 5 years old and has started out its life here in British Columbia with Epaint on its first launch. I have had the boat manufacture apply a new application 2 years ago, and it still looks quite good without any barnacles etc. Your products are very new up here in BC, but we have had good success, 2 seasons between applications.

Amazed At The Results!

By Testimonials

We have a 1979 Bruno Stillman that we use as our Race Committee Boat both in the inner harbor and within Nantucket Sound. This year we removed all of the old bottom paint, prepped, primed and applied your Epaint bottom paint and were amazed at the results! We picked up 2 knots of speed, bettered our fuel economy and just look at the attached pictures that show her pristine condition after removing her for the winter. Of course these positives came as a surprise to us knowing that the reason for switching to your bottom paint was purely to avoid how old bottom paint impacts our fragile environment.

Kind regards,

Peter A. McEachern, General Manager
Nantucket Yacht Club
1 South Beach Street P.O. Box 667
Nantucket, Massachusetts 02554

The Well-Being of the Sea

By Testimonials

I applied three coats of the ePaint ECOMINDER to Cygnus, my 26′ Phil Rhodes designed O’Day Outlaw sloop in the spring of 2009, following the directions for application closely.  I kept the boat in the water for two seasons.   The paint worked great for the first season.  Although the paint was not intended to last more than one season, I have had minimal fouling this second year as well.

With the ocean subjected to the threat of pollution from all angles, I appreciate that ePaint is making it possible for those of us who gain so much enjoyment from the water to take action so that we can improve the well-being of the sea for generations to come.

David B.
Gloucester, MA 01930

By Far-Best I’ve Ever Used

By Testimonials

Two things.  First, Sailors for the Sea awarded us Gold for all of the One Design and Dry Sailed regattas this past Saturday.  This was made possible by your generosity in providing paint to NCS [Nantucket Community Sailing] for all their support Boats and their J 105s etc, and by Nantucket Yacht Club’s initiative to paint their large signal boat and various support boats with your products.  Great news for NRW [Nantucket Race Week] and for EPaint.

Second, I’ve been painting bottoms of my boats since 1956 and have used all sorts of products from the old Woolsey hard racing finish of the ’60s to the Pettit products of the last decade.  I can tell you categorically that the ZO-HP grey I put on this June (three thin coats, rolled on) is by far the best I’ve ever used for hardness and antifouling effectiveness.  In all prior years I would have, by this point in the season, hand cleaned the bottom at least twice and often three times for light slime build up, and some more significant fouling on the sunny side of the mooring.  Have not touched it yet and see no evidence of any need to.  BTW the light grey color is terrific in telling me how clean it is.

Racing record thus far is my best in years.

Thanks to you and your team for your support and your product.


Orr’s Island, ME  04066