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Paint Launches Bio-based Solution to Bio-fouling Problem

ePaint Company (Falmouth, MA) announces the release of new and improved ECOMINDER®, waterborne antifouling paint.

ePaint Company was founded in 1991 to develop protective coatings that are safer to use and better for the environment.  ePaint Company markets novel coating technologies to the marine, industrial, and aerospace industries.   ePaint Company specializes in the development of antifouling coatings which prevent biofouling.

Biofouling organisms such as algae, grass, zebra mussels, barnacles, and the like, rapidly colonize boat bottoms.  Growth of biofouling is visible on a boat after only a few days in the water.   Growth adds weight and creates drag.  The result of biofouling is decreased speed, increased fuel costs, and a smelly unsightly mess that is difficult to remove.

ePaint partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture to develop a novel soy-based polymer  that uses energy from the sun to release biofouling.   Biofouling release, by creating a slippery or self-polishing surface, is a non-toxic way of keeping boat bottoms clean without the use of heavy metals such as copper, the heavy metal used in traditional bottom paints.  The novel polymer technology developed by ePaint that makes new and improved ECOMINDER® possible is called PolyCleave™.

PolyCleave™ is 70% bio-based, a biopolymer.  Biopolymers are sustainable because they are sourced from plant materials which can be grown indefinitely.   The ePaint polymer is made with soy-based ingredients that come from the Heartland of America.   Advantages of this polymer are improved biofouling release, increased service life, and better adhesion to metal, plastic and composite substrates.

New and improved ECOMINDER® is an advanced antifouling paint recommended for all recreational sail and powerboats in both freshwater and marine environments. ECOMINDER® is free of harmful volatile organic solvents and toxicants that persist in our environment.   ECOMINDER® is copper-free and will not promote corrosion on metal surfaces.  Boats with ECOMINDER® may be hauled and launched out of the water and the unlimited dry to launch time also allows for painting in the fall before winter storage. ECOMINDER® is designed to control slime, algae, bacteria and features ePaint’s patented photoactive technology to deter the settling and attachment of hard shell type organisms.

To learn more about ECOMINDER®  visit

EPaint Gleams!

The March 2016 issue of Practical Sailor magazine has just been released.  One of the features in the new issue is the Bottom Paint Checkup 2016.  According to the article, “ePaint Gleams!”  Practical Sailor tested over 60 different antifouling bottom paints over a period of 8 months.  The test included products from all the leading bottom paint manufacturers including Pettit, Interlux, Blue Water Marine, Flexdel and Blue Water Marine.  The paints were rated Excellent for no growth, Good for light or soft growth, Fair for moderate to heavy growth, and Poor for hard growth.  Based on the ratings, Practical Sailor recommends paints for best performers in various categories, such as best safe aluminum paint, best racing paint, best water-based paint etc.

This year three of ePaints coatings: EP 2000, SN-1 and ZO HP earned an Excellent, Recommended rating.  ePaint continues to be a leader in the industry when it comes to copper free antifouling paints.  ePaint’s patented photo active technology, along with “green” additives provide good antifouling protection at a competitive price.  ePaint products are available at or by calling 1-800-258-5998.

Watch for our new website!

Everything gets old and tired after a while and our website is no exception to that time honored rule.

Over the last several months we have been working on a new website to make your shopping experience easier.  With this new site we hope to bring you more of everything.  More product information.  More payment options.  We will soon be adding more products, too..  Easier navigation.  Easier checkout for commercial customers.  Here at we are excited about the upcoming launch and we hope you will like what you see! and ePaint Company partner with J/Boats

J/Boats, Inc. in Newport, RI, will be launching an updated version of its popular J/88 this fall.  The new J/88, while similar to the existing model, sports a very eco-friendly profile.  Back up power is provided by Oceanvolt’s innovative S.E.A. (Silent Electric Autonomy) system.  The S.E.A. system is electric propulsion utilizing sails, awnings for solar power in addition to hydro-regeneration capabilities.  Since the J/88 is the ultimate environmentally friendly alternative to “starting up the diesel,” it was just natural that J/Boats chose the utlimate environmentally friendly bottom paint for this project.  The J/88 will feature ePaint’s EP2000 bottom paint, a great choice for serious sailors.

Environment-Responsible Control of Barnacle Biofouling

This Small Business Innovation Research Phase I project will address the market-driven need for environmentally compatible marine antifouling coating technologies that outperform the state-of-the-art. Our coatings will employ both non-toxic and zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) systems ushering in new generation of highly effective antifouling technologies that are environmentally more responsible than current high-VOC, metal/biocide poisoning approaches. Our transformative approach to developing effective, low cost, eco-friendly marine antifouling coatings evolved from a chemical biological and molecular mechanistic understanding of barnacle glue. When integrated with foul-release properties, durable coating chemistries capable of reducing settlement by preventing hardening of biofouler glue will result not only in a commercial product addressing a societal need but will also enhance our understanding of key scientific and technological principles underlying the marine biofouling problem.